Spring 2021 President’s Message

Hi Folks,

This is Loretta Vandervort in case anyone forgot! If only everyone could look this good!

It’s getting tougher to write these quarterly notices with so very little to report on and so many things in limbo. The board has not had a face-to-mask meeting in a year and I don’t even remember what Loretta Vandervort looks like. (Just kidding Loretta…you’re unforgettable).

We are going to have our restart meeting at 7 p.m. on April 12 at Riverside High School in the Lecture room to make sure we have safe distancing. We will be discussing this year’s scholarship and commencement support. We will also discuss our options for the Hall of Fame in terms of the selection process and induction ceremony.

The bigger discussion, though, will be what to do about the Duck Race. As you know, the Battle of Painesville was suspended 2 years ago by mutual agreement of the schools. Looking at this year’s schedule, it is still on pause. In addition, our good friend Ron Balogh from Harvey passed away. He, along with our own Don Pomfrey, were the driving forces behind the Race. So that leaves a huge hole in the fundraising for both schools’ scholarship funds. Not to mention the thousands of our little yellow friends who have been quarantined in our storage closet longer that we have for COVID.

So, I’m asking all of you, especially those who have benefitted from the scholarships both as parents or recipients, to try and come up with some creative ideas to carry on the spirit and financial success of the race. Please forward any thoughts to me at trombley60@gmail.com, or come and let us know your thoughts at the April12 meeting. We would love to see some new masked faces there. Just don’t be upset of I mistake you for Loretta.

Best Regards,

Tom Trombley

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