Online Log Volunteer Writers and Contributors


The Online Log is published on behalf of the Riverside Alumni Association Board of Trustees by the Communication Committee.

Gretchen Reed (Faculty 1967-1995)
Board Trustee/Columnist/Writer/Co-Editor
Former Log Advisor

Karen Holp (Class of 1968)
Co-Editor/Web Supervisor/Writer

Marijane Watson (Faculty/Staff)
Board Trustee/Writer/Columnist

Past Contributors

Cathy Thompson-Covill (Class of 1985)
Board Trustee/Columnist

Bill Guyer (Class of 1967)
Board Trustee/Columnist

Kathleen Riley (Class of 1963, Faculty 1969-1999)
Writer/Past Editor/Unofficial Historian

Tom Trombley (Former School Board President)

Frank Vaccariello (Class of 1980)

Loretta Vandervort (Class of 1959)
Board Trustee/Contributor

Spring 2017 Edition Artwork Contributors

Jeff Wolf (Class of 1983)
Evolution of the Riverside Beaver

Charles “Chick” Dickinson (One of the original Riverside Beavers)
The Original Beaver Artwork

Artist Unkown
Line Art of Riverside High School (Appears on the diplomas)