Beaver Bulletin Board Spring 2021

Achievements: recognizing important milestones and achievements of our alumni.


Cheryl Reed, ’83, graduated from Cleveland State University in ‘90 with a degree in Physical Therapy. In ’97 she joined Globe Volunteers and traveled to Ecuador, where she became enthralled with the country. In ‘02 she purchased a 24-acre farm (5,000’ elevation) and is raising coffee plants and operating a bed and breakfast. Cheryl spends six months in the U.S. working as a traveling therapist and the other six months on her farm. Cheryl’s parents, Tom and Gerry (Fox) Reed of Thompson, are RHS alums, as are her five siblings. Her website is and her email is

In Memory – recognizing alumni, faculty and staff who have passed, in alphabetical order of the last name, year of graduation (if applicable), year of death, and a link to the obituary if available.

Araps, Hugh: 2003. 2020. Obituary

Dick, Richard, long time RHS math teacher. 2020.

McCroskey Osewalt, Theresa (Tracy): 1962. 2020. Obituary

McKee, Kyle: 2003. 2020. Obituary

Williamson, Melissa: 2013. 2020. Obituary  Melissa was a member of the Riverside Regiment Marching Band.


You can view archived listings here. Submit your achievements and listing for those you want to remember here.

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