Share Your Riverside History With Us!

The Association has started a collection of historical photos from various alumni, documenting our shared experiences while in the Riverside system. This photo is the first of four of the playbill from the Class of 1968 Senior Class Play, "Funny Girl." See the entire playbill at the link below.

Look at the various items we already have:

Graduation Videos

Early Print Logs

1959 Photos of the Elementary Schools

1954-1959 Photos of Riverside and John R. Williams Junior High

The 1968 Collection:

1967-1968 Riverside Handbook

Riverside Prom Etiquette 1968

1968 Class Play, “Funny Girl”

There are eleven graduation videos to date, and three early print editions of the Log. If you have early materials from Riverside High School, please let us know using the Contact Us link. Let's add to the collection!

The history of the Riverside Beaver as Riverside’s mascot is a design made by Jeff Wolf, RHS graduate. Click here for an article from the Spring 2017 Online Log about how the Beaver was chosen as the mascot, and the first beaver drawing on the first yearbook in 1952, made by Charles “Chick” Dickinson.

Check out all the historical stories at the Online Log.


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