President’s Message

Hello fellow Beavers, We are all hoping that you’re staying safe and healthy. Here in Lake County things are relatively quiet at least for now. But with our board’s average age over 70 we are being very careful. Our last meeting was March 9 just before things got really crazy and yet we all had our sanitizers and wipes and kept a degree of distance. At that time, we hadn’t even considered that the schools would be closing and that everything was shutting down. So, we had our normal discussions…

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Punsters in the Classroom Punning

Having a good sense of humor can be a plus for any secondary teacher, and RHS has had its share of teachers who were excellent jokesters and elicited many laughs at faculty gatherings. Maybe the students were lucky enough to appreciate these teachers’ wit at producing humor. A few names that come to mind between the 1960s and the 1990s were Bob Capella, instrumental music teacher; Dave Burris, art teacher; Carol Lewis, home economics teacher; Ron Shafer, health teacher and coach; and Paul King, social studies teacher and coach. Capella…

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Hale Road School (Nursery School): Bob Schmidt ’59

Hale Road Elementary

Guest Author: Bob Schmidt ’59 I came to Hale Road School in 1951 (5th grade).  It was called Nursery School when I arrived. I was so happy when it was changed to Hale Road School.  My parents and I moved to Painesville Township Park , from Perry Township as they were going to become park managers at the park. My 5th grade teacher was Mrs. Reeves and my 6th grade teacher was Mr. Brewster.  The principal back then was Mr. Kendall. I remember that our basketball coach was Ruth Kelsey,…

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Concord Memories: Ron Sarbach ’59

Concord Elementary School

Guest Author: Ron Sarbach ’59 In 1948 when I started school, Concord Elementary School was an old, four- room school that housed six grades in a country atmosphere. Mrs. White taught first grade in one room, and she kept us under a semblance of control by ringing a small bell that she kept on her desk. When she rang that bell with vigor, we all snapped to attention and started to more or less behave. She was an old-school teacher and was not afraid to stand us up in the…

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Concord’s Elementary Schools: Bonnie Adams Walker ’69

Bonnie Adams in the first grade at Concord Elementary with Mrs. Emma Mordoff.

Guest Author: Bonnie Adams Walker ‘69 My family has a long history in Concord, with the earliest arrival by at least 1817. The members of my family went to whatever schools were available in Concord at the time. This is a story of some of the Concord schools through my great grandfather, Eugene Edgar Wade, his sons Martin and Wade, my father Jay Adams, plus my brother Kenneth Adams and me, Bonnie Adams Walker. The Old Stone Schoolhouse The Stone Schoolhouse still stands on Ravenna Road. The schoolhouse was built…

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A Dump Truck Full Of Strawberries

If the above title appears to be an impossible paradox, in reality it is, but in dreams anything is possible. That strangely loaded truck is part of my RHS subconscious memories. Doesn’t everyone at some point wonder about his or her dreams and how ridiculous they sometimes are? Dreaming about one’s workplace after retirement is, I think, common, and I’m making a guess that most people’s dreams about their workplaces contain unpleasant images. The dream scenarios may not be true nightmares but more often “frustration” sequences. I have had very…

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