Becky Bartholomew: 2023 Hall of Fame Faculty/Staff, 1993-2019.

Becky Bartholomew was a Physical Education and Health teacher at Riverside from 1993-2019.  Her enthusiasm for teaching and for taking on extracurricular projects opened doors for young people to experience her personal standards as well as to work alongside her in positive ways.

Her very first year she agreed to be Junior Class Advisor, which involved organizing the prom, including the funding for it.  She held that position for 10 years.  Her leadership as the National Honor Society advisor enabled her to stress service by its members.  When she retired, she was asked (and accepted) by the principal to continue for another year as advisor—even in retirement.

Becky has also been an integral member of the Wall of Honor committee since its inception.  Selling bricks for the wall and maintaining the data associated with the bricks and the wall itself have been a part of her ongoing duties.  She also helps research data for the Kiosk in the lobby.  Anyone who has attended RHS and served in the military can have his/her name added to the Kiosk list.

As a valued faculty member, Becky put her students’ needs first.  She paid attention to those whose lives were not in the limelight as well as those who were.  She always taught the students as well as the subject and concerned herself with many of them after their graduation. She even returned for the first semester of 2022 as a long-term substitute.

Becky and her husband Jim have three grown children and six grandchildren with whom they spend much quality time.

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