Del Bethel: 2022 Hall of Fame Alumni, Class of 1988

During the winter of 2009, two Riverside High School buddies, also former marines, helped some homeless veterans in Painesville by supplying them with coats and sleeping bags.  Thus was the idea for Sub Zero Mission born.

One of those men, Del Bethel, a 1988 graduate, is a co-founder and chairman of the board and faithful volunteer of Sub Zero Mission.  Its mission is to make sure the homeless survive the brutal winter weather by providing the gear to help them.  Important to the mission is getting whatever is needed—coat, sleeping bag, hat, gloves, boots, etc., directly into the hands of the individual.  A bus is loaded and the teams try to get as close to homeless camps and enclaves as possible to distribute their warm gear.  SZM has been operating for 14 years.

Dell enlisted into the USMC immediately after graduation and served for four years in Desert Storm.  He has been a continuing volunteer for the Leroy VFW, serving as quartermaster and six times as commander.

At Riverside, Del played Varsity Football and served on Student Council and the Log (school paper) staff. He was also a gym leader.  His affable smile and friendliness made him a well-liked classmate.

Del has been married to his high school sweetheart, Nisha for 32 years. They have an adult son and daughter.  Del is a senior service manager for Stratus Technologies and makes his home in Painesville Township.




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