2022 20th Annual Grand Riv-Har Duck Race

The 20th Annual Grand Riv-Har Duck Race was held on October 8, 2022, at Helen Hazen Wyman Park. Volunteers and board members from the Riverside Alumni Association and the Harvey Alumni Association gathered on a cool day to float nearly 600 numbered, yellow rubber ducks down the Grand River in hopes that it would not take long for the winning ducks to cross the finish line.

The location.

The cold volunteers!

The starting line….

The planned finish line.

The race is off!

While the current is running the right direction, the strong wind is keeping the ducks from advancing!

Patrick Armstrong, president of the HAA, standing in the cold river, can’t move the ducks against the wind.

Even Sharee Crouser, vice president of the HAA, can’t get the ducks to race!

Change in plans. The first ducks into the side bank of the river are the winners. Beth Knezevich, vice president of the RAA, looks to identify the numbers of the winning ducks.

The ducks that didn’t win then need to be collected.

More errant ducks collected.

More catching of the errant ducks.

Then the ducks have to be dried (so they don’t mold in the next 12 months) and sorted into their numbered groups.

More drying and sorting the ducks!

The reward for the volunteers: lunch!

Finally, lunch for the volunteers. A good day, overall!


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