Studying at Wilmington College: Anya Demshar

Guest Author: Anya Demshar, RHSAA 2021 Alumni Scholarship Winner

My name is Anya Demshar I am currently a student at Wilmington College. During my first semester at Wilmington, I have had many opportunities. Before my school year even started, I was selected to participate in the  Leadership Plunge which starts two weeks before the first semester. During the Leadership Plunge I learned new leadership skills as well as met instructors and future classmates. There are also many things to do outside of class, during my first semester I joined a flag football team, and just recently joined the Equine Team. I grew up raising livestock, this experience has opened my eyes to another side of agriculture.

I am happy to be a part of the agriculture program at Wilmington I have taken classes, including Horticulture, Food Science, Principals of Crop and Animal, and many others that related directly to the agriculture industry! I have also gotten lots of hands on experience. This semester I was able to help deliver baby lambs and goats at the academic farm. I am growing sunflowers, succulents and a banana tree in the greenhouse. I was also able to be a part of the Aggies Club Livestock Judging Contest. We welcomed 1200 high school students to a daylong livestock judging contest. They competed in judging lambs, beef, goats, hogs, and horses, as well as agronomy. This contest prepared them for an upcoming state judging contest. Along with the Aggies Club I am also a member of Collegiate Farm Bureau, Collegiate 4-H and Veterinarians of Tomorrow. I am proud I made the Dean’s list the first semester. I cannot wait to continue studying at Wilmington College!

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