Beaver Bulletin Board Spring 2022

Achievements: Recognizing important milestones and achievements of our alumni.


Joe Kovacs, Class of 1960: My wife and I will be celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary August 4th, 2022, Lord willing. We credit God for our 60 years together and my wife putting up with me. I married Addie Congos class of 1961 Riverside High School.


In Memory: Listed by last name, year of graduation from Riverside, and date of death. The obituary link is provided if available.

Berry, Karen: faculty, RHSAA Hall of Fame 2021, 2022 Obituary

Bjornholm Lesteshen, Ruth-Marie: 1973, 2022 Obituary

Derrick, Kelly: 1980, 2022  Obituary

Gridley, Robert: 1962, 2022 Obituary

Harvey, Dean Francis: 1975, 2022 Obituary

Hoerz Brolund, Karen Eileen: 1966, 2022 Obituary

Isabel, Thomas S. “Sammy”: 2004, 2022 Obituary

Lomeli Montes, David: 2008, 2022 Obituary

Luhta Chop Whitis, Marjorie Rose: 1957, 2022 Obituary

March Boling, Stacy Lee: 1983, 2022 Obituary

Musacchio, Louis: 1990, 2022 Obituary

Reynolds Dodgson Trexler, Nancy: 1967, 2022 Obituary

Sillanpa, Richard William: 1975, 2022.

Shuffle, Charles H.: 1968, 2021.

Woodruff Stanton, Joan Louise: 1958, 2022 Obituary

Zinn, William Mark” Zak”: 1971; 2022. Obituary

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