Repaying the Impact of a Good Education

Preserving the legacy of Riverside High School – that is the motto of the Riverside High School Alumni Association. There are so many ways to do exactly that, and the Board of Trustees of the RHSAA is excited to support our existing activities and explore new ones. Come celebrate with us!

I remember so fondly my time at Riverside, and that is part of the reason why I am so involved with the RHSAA today. Sure, there were the usual teen-age angst moments – who doesn’t have those memories? But I remember the many teachers and staff that made an impact on my life, the friends I made, the great moments in class, in the extra-curricular activities, and in the fun with my friends.

But even more these days, when I look back, I know that the optimism I felt at graduation, heading out to my future, was a direct result of those years of personal and educational growth. I didn’t know it at the time, but today, I know the impact Riverside High School had on my life. So much so, that I became an educator. And now I want to repay a little of the value I gained as a student of RHS.

That is why, last year, I decided to get involved with the alumni association. That is why I am helping to bring even more excitement to our range of activities and networking efforts. We have some big ideas, but these ideas will come to fruition only with your help – both financial as lifetime members or a larger donation, and with your volunteer time.

This year, we are pleased to resume the Hall of Fame Dinners and will induct the nine new honorees from 2021 this spring, and (pandemic allowing) will hold the traditional dinner this fall to induct the 2022 honorees. We will also award more scholarships in May to RHS graduating seniors who want to further their education. The board is also looking into a new alumni t-shirt design. We are continuing with our monthly newsletter and the quarterly Online Log. We promote class reunions and help people find their classmates.

We are talking about setting up booths at various community gatherings and for certain, will do so at Painesville’s Party in the Park (July 15-17 in Veterans’ Park) to meet alumni and give information about our activities. We are also working with the Harvey Alumni Association to restart the Riv-Har Duck Race that was pre-empted the last two years because of the pandemic – and that is tentatively scheduled for October 8. We’ll be selling tickets to see who has the fastest duck.

And with the HAA, we are also planning a golf tournament, tentatively scheduled for late September. We will honor two long-time volunteers for each association – Don Pomfrey of the RHSAA, and Ron Balogh of the HAA. There will be 72 players, 18 teams of 4 people each, so stay flexible as we nail down the specifics.

We are all volunteer trustees of the association, but we are relying on a range of other volunteers to help with our projects. Volunteering can range from board service to committee work to helping out at a specific activity. There are the usual tasks of organization, but our activities are designed to be fun. We are looking for more ways to connect with alumni – through more communication, supporting various class activities, and creating more opportunities to celebrate together.

Hey! I work full time plus have a second job to help finance my further education, and I have time to help the association. You can too! Send us an email ( and let us know what you would like to do. Service on the board? Help with a committee? Or look at our planned events and let us know if you can help for a few hours. Thanks!

Cathy Thompson Corvill

Class of ‘85

RHSAA Vice President

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