Help Create Branches in the Online Log

Dear alumni and previous RHS staff,

The two editors of YOUR on-line Log have a request we want to propose – that you READERS consider becoming WRITERS by contributing to the on-line Log.

With thousands of RHS alumni and staff out there, we represent a wealth of experiences, wisdom, insight and thought that could be shared with others. We want the Log to become a format for all of you to express what you are thinking.

Maybe you do not consider yourself a potential writer. Please re-think that idea. Over the past three years, we have shared many articles by people who were originally put off at the idea of writing something for the public. We have had wonderful submissions by people who attended our now shuttered or demolished elementary schools, by others who have interesting career paths and hobbies, and by ones who have fond memories of the schools or people they encountered.

Your submissions do not even need to be RHS connected. Maybe you have moved away and want to share insight about living in a new environment. Maybe you have traveled extensively. Your experiences at work or at raising a family are most likely worthy of being shared with others. YOU are likely to be more interesting to others than you ever dreamed, so consider sharing your thoughts. If you have photos to accompany your story, we want those too!

We will even take submissions from grumblers, assuming there are no insults or decency questions. It seems we are all coming off a time replete with grumbling. Has anyone given thought, for example, about future generations looking at endless pictures of people wearing masks? Future young people may wonder why we in ’20 and ’21 bothered with pictures at all.  It is quite possible that these times, which were so difficult for us, will be considered humorous to the next generation.

Also, whatever weaknesses you may feel about your grammar or punctuation, remember that the Log has proofreaders. Crises involving commas and spelling errors are uncommon, and no one will be critical of you for them; and in the interest of accuracy, we will “get out our red pens.”

“Logs” come from trees. Please help us BRANCH OUT our Online Log by including you in it.


Karen and Gretchen

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