President’s Message

Hello, Folks. Hope you had a Black and Gold Christmas or Hanukkah, and New Year’s day. Things are quiet on the association front for now. But we had a good 2019 and are looking forward to a fun and active 2020.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony went very well thanks in large part to the efforts of Marijane Watson. From organizing the selection committees to spearheading the selection of the new members and playing the hostess with the mostest, she carries it all out expertly and makes it appear effortless.  It was especially challenging this year since she had to find a new venue. That turned out to be the Holiday Inn on Rt. 306. The food was excellent, the beverages were good, and the ballroom was spacious. You can see more about the event on the Hall of Fame page. Be sure to enter a nominee if you know someone you feel is deserving. And MJ could always use more help, so if you’d like to volunteer, please let us know.

And speaking of venue changes, the Annual Alumni Picnic will be held this year at the Lake County Historical Center and Riverside High School. Loretta Vandervort, in allegedly her last year of running the picnic, is still finalizing the details for the August event. As with the Hall of Fame, we could use more help with this event, so let us know if you can volunteer.

Finally, I’m sure that a number of you toured Leroy, Hale Road, Hadden and Madison Avenue schools before they were closed. We had a great time at those open houses as people saw old friends and teachers as well as their old classrooms and gyms.

Riverview Elementary School on Madison Ave.

Now the new elementary schools, Riverview at the old Madison Avenue site, and Parkside on Rt. 608 in Concord, are open. If you haven’t had a chance to see them, stop by and prepare to be amazed.

For me personally, the gyms were a highlight. Having coached at some of our very small gyms where my feet were on the court even just sitting in my chair, these new places are a revelation with their hardwood floors, molded bleacher seats, six hoops, scoreboards (no more flipping numbers) and folding walls that open to the cafeteria and stage. Of course, the classrooms, libraries, media centers and offices are nice, but I do have my priorities (just kidding).

As I noted we want you involved with the RHS Alumni Association and would love to have you participate in our events. Click here – Contact Us – to make comments, send suggestions or volunteer to help. If you are not a member of the association, it’s just $25 for a lifetime membership; click here to download the membership application. And if you are not on our newsletter email list, click here to join.

Best Regards,

Tom Trombley
RHS Alumni Association president


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