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It was the spring of 1997 and the RHS Alumni Association was breaking new ground.  The association was going to recognize people who had helped shape the history of the school district.  For the first time people were being inducted into the Riverside Hall of Fame in the Faculty and Staff Category.

Mike Vaccariello was the latest Hall of Fame member inducted into the Faculty & Staff category.

The first to be recognized were George Adams, Margaret Barb, Loretta Bearer, Jane Braden, David Burris, Merle Court, John DeLong, Jacqueline Hood, George Inscho, Mary Kosinski, Henry LaMuth, Bernadine McFarren, David Shaner, Roger Stanley, Betts Strailey, and Mary Thrasher.  Since then another 27 people have been inducted into the Faculty and Staff category. Not all of the people honored were teachers or administrators at Riverside.

The alumni association would like to add more people to that list but cannot act on its own.  Nominations are needed from students, teachers, other employees, parents, or community members who knew these potential candidates and can expound on their assets.  As the quote goes from a book, “It takes a village to raise a child”; many people do the same in a school.  There are teachers, administrators, secretaries, cafeteria workers, custodians, maintenance workers, bus drivers, mechanics, aides, and more. Some will stand out more than others.

To be eligible for nomination a person must have been employed by the district for at least ten years and must have retired or left the school system prior to selection.  Each nominee must also meet three of the following criteria:  community involvement, career success and/or unique contribution, leadership in and out of school, and positive role model status.

Nomination forms can be found on the Alumni Association website here. If necessary, additional material may be attached to the form. When the information is more detailed, the selection committee has a better opportunity to understand the impact the nominee has had on the school and district.  Deadline for nominations is January 31 each year.

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