Why We Hold an All Class Reunion

Remember your high school days when life was not so complicated? There were fun times, football games, dances, volunteer projects, field trips, homecoming, and prom.

Former faculty and staff surround former Superintendent George Inscho.

Then there were teachers that you will never forget: Coach Riser, Coach Andersen, Coach Shafer, Fred Moore, Martha Goodwin, Roger Stanley, Dan Grill, Tom Trenney, Rita Tucker, Ruth Mills, Dave Burris, Gretchen Reed, Kathy Riley, John DeLong, Marietta Lipps, Gary Darr, and the never-forgotten David W. Shaner with the notorious fountain pen. The administrators cannot be forgotten as well – Henry LaMuth, George Inscho, John Weiss, Dennis Holmes, and James Kalis. All of these teachers, administrators and many others touched our lives in memorable ways.

Two years ago the Riverside Alumni Association board of trustees discussed how to bring the alumni together since so many still lived in the area or near Lake County. They decided to hold a picnic at which anyone who attended or worked at Riverside was welcome to attend. It would be an afternoon to go back in time for a few hours and relive the “good old days”. People could renew old friendships, make new friends, eat great food, and hear music from years gone by. This year will mark the 3rd Annual Alumni Picnic.

The picnics of the past two years were a huge success. It was thought that the local alumni would show up, but to everyone’s surprise alumni from many states came. The person who traveled the farthest was from Washington state, but also in attendance were alumni from at least 12 other states as well as the Ohio alumni, many from outside Lake County.

This year the picnic will be held Saturday, August 12, at the Painesville Township Park Dance Hall, rain or shine. This is a FREE event. Your only investment is bringing a dish to share. The fun begins at 11 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. The meal will be served at noon.

Come and enjoy the fun-filled day with classmates and friends of the past. Be there or be square!

See what you can bring and RSVP here.

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  1. Bobbie Benson Williams

    Well done, I enjoyed. Thanks! I graduated from Riverside in 1968

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