The Fad of Streaking

Eau Claire students, buoyed by warmer temperatures, Monday March 5, 1974 in Eau Claire, took the college streaking craze to heart. (AP Photo)

Streaking became an occasional activity at the school during the late ‘70s, one that tended to increase in spring when senior pranks were common. For those unfamiliar with the term, it involved students charging through the corridors or across the lawn naked except for shoes and sometimes hats. One year after senior exams were over, a group of them entered the side door on the west end of the building and streaked through the downstairs hall. One of our longtime English teachers, a much beloved single lady nearing retirement, happened to open her door and enter the hall just as the group ran by. She hustled down to the office, hugely distraught, and gasped out about the streakers to one of the administrators. He hurried out to the hall, but they were out of sight. He asked her if they were guys, girls or a combination of both. Her reply: I couldn’t tell; they had hats on.

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3 Thoughts to “The Fad of Streaking”

  1. Rich Peterson

    Might this have involved Miss Goodwin?

  2. Steven Hawson

    Just a bit before my time…

  3. Kate Carter

    Those were the days….

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